Interactive Map - Single Family Homes

Interactive Map


How to use this map:

    1. Click and hold the mouse on the map to navigate around the map

    2. Zoom In and Zoom Out

    3. Search for a city or neighborhood by location 

    4. Click on area to see a picture of a house and neighborhood

    5. Click the picture of the building to go to the selected neighborhood page

    6.  Scroll down to see active listings and closed sales




North of Downtown Miami

San Souci

Bal Harbour

Belle Meade

North Miami Beach


Miami Beach

South Beach


South of Downtown Miami

The Roads

Key Biscayne


Coconut Grove

Coral Gables – North

Coral Gables – South

South Miami



About Interactive House Map

If you’re in the market for Miami beach homes for sale, Miami Digs’ interactive houses map helps you quickly locate luxury homes up for sale in the Miami market. By using our interactive map, you can quickly find homes for sale, including South Beach homes and houses in other desirable locations.

Using our map, you can see where homes for sale are located and see what restaurants, schools, work places, parks and amenities are nearby. You can also click on the icon for the property to learn more about the home.

Our map is easy to use and frequently updated, so you’ll have the first look at new homes for sale. Miami Beach is a dynamic real estate market, so keeping up with the latest developments will help ensure that you get the best deal on luxury Miami Beach homes for sale when they hit the market.

Miami Digs is dedicated to providing our clients with the best information on the local real estate market. Our interactive homes map is just one way we keep clients abreast with the latest developments in Miami home sales.